Sep 28, 2022 • 33M

How Woke Won

An interview with UK writer and thinker Joanna Williams

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Tara Henley
Conversations with heterodox authors and journalists from around the world, asking the questions that are not being asked.
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We talk a lot on this podcast about the ascendent woke ideology. But there is not yet anything like consensus on what this political movement actually is, what values define it — and, indeed, who advances its agenda. 

My guest on the podcast today has tackled these questions in a new book. She argues that woke ideology is an elite phenomenon. That it has breathed new life into old prejudices like sexism, racism, and homophobia. And that elites are unaware how unpopular these ideas are with the public.


Joanna Williams is founder of the Cieo independent think tank and a columnist at Spiked. She’s also the author of How Woke Won: The Elitist Movement that Threatens Democracy, Tolerance and Reason.

Joanna Williams is my guest, today on Lean Out. Transcript to come tomorrow for paid subscribers.

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