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'If you have the wrong opinions, it will cost you'

My interview with the musician, writer and podcaster Winston Marshall

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Tara Henley
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Without freedom of expression, there can be no great art. Artists must have the ability to express themselves fearlessly, and take risks, in order to create authentic work.

So, what happens when this fundamental value is eroded within our culture?

It’s a question that my guest on the podcast today has thought a lot about — and one he tackles in his first Substack newsletter, dedicated to a recent incident which saw London’s Field Day Festival rescind a booking request for the rapper M.I.A. in the wake of online comments.


Winston Marshall is a British musician, and a former member of the band Mumford & Sons. He’s also the host of the Marshall Matters podcast at The Spectator, and the author of a new Substack newsletter called The WinStack.

Winston Marshall is my guest, today on Lean Out. Transcript to come for paid subscribers.

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