Feb 3, 2022 • 23M

Light Up the Night

A conversation on the opioid crisis with Canadian reporter Travis Lupick

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Tara Henley
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Those of us in the media who’ve lived and worked in Vancouver know just how harrowing the opioid crisis can be. A short walk through the city’s Downtown Eastside reveals a level of human suffering that would make anyone stop in their tracks. Still, those of us who have covered the crisis also know what a hard sell the issue is. Mainstream outlets are often reluctant to dive into the epidemic. And few reporters make it their beat.

Travis Lupick is an exception. The Vancouver journalist, now based in California, has been on the frontlines of this story for years, and he’s just published his second book on the subject. Light Up the Night: America’s Overdose Crisis and the Drug Users Fighting for Survival profiles two women in the harm reduction movement. Their stories are a testament to the personal pain behind the statistics — but also the resilience and tenacity of the drug user activists working to stem the tide of deaths.

Travis Lupick is on the podcast today to tell us about these remarkable women, and about his experiences covering one of the biggest stories of our time.