Nov 9, 2022 • 38M

Literature and the New Culture Wars

My conversation with Carleton College professor and author Deborah Appleman

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Tara Henley
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“I hate it when I find myself agreeing with people with whom I usually disagree.”

These are the opening lines of a book written by my guest on the podcast today. She’s a progressive professor, but she now finds herself breaking ranks with the left over which works of literature are acceptable to be read and discussed in America’s classrooms.

Deborah Appleman is the Hollis L. Caswell Professor of Educational Studies at Carleton College, and an instructor at the Minnesota Correctional Facility - Stillwater.


Her latest book is Literature and the New Culture Wars: Triggers, Cancel Culture, and the Teacher’s Dilemma.

Deborah Appleman is my guest, today on Lean Out. Transcript to come tomorrow for paid subscribers.

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