Aug 10, 2022 • 41M

On Critical Race Theory

My conversation with Canadian writers Jamil Jivani and Samuel Sey

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Tara Henley
Conversations with heterodox authors and journalists from around the world, asking the questions that are not being asked.
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In recent years, Canada — like the United States — has been engaged in a national conversation on race. But my guests on today’s program say that that conversation does not always acknowledge the diversity of opinion within communities of colour. Particularly when it comes to critical race theory. 


Jamil Jivani is a lawyer, an author and a columnist at the National Post. He’s also a senior fellow at the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, where he helped found the Speak For Ourselves initiative. It recently published a series of essays on critical race theory, including one from Samuel Sey. Samuel Sey is a Canadian writer and thinker who blogs at He’s also a spokesperson on critical race theory for Parents As First Educators.

I’m pleased to have Jamil Jivani and Samuel Sey as my guests — today on Lean Out. Transcript to come tomorrow for paid subscribers.

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