Feb 24, 2022 • 27M

The Expendables

A conversation about the class divide with Canadian economist and author Jeff Rubin

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Tara Henley
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In recent weeks, many Canadian commentators have expressed shock that the country is experiencing a wave of populism. But Toronto author Jeff Rubin is not surprised. In fact, he predicted it, in an opinion piece for the New York Times in 2019.

Jeff Rubin is the former chief economist at CIBC World Markets, and a former senior fellow at the Centre for International Governance Innovation. His latest book, The Expendables: How the Middle Class Got Screwed By Globalization, looks at how many people’s livelihoods have been devastated by the current economic order.

On the podcast today, Jeff argues that the conditions in this country have paved the way for the trucker revolt, that class is at the root of this unrest — and that we should all be taking a close look at the policies that perpetuate inequality.