The left’s intolerance for people who hold different views than theirs, and their marginalization of such people expresses their total embrace of segregation. But even further, their frenzied attacks on people expressing different views, with the clear intent to cause them as much suffering as possible is the very heart of the lynch mobs of 70+ years ago.

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It was only a few years ago where my friends and I would have laughed and ignored those people as being on the wrong side of normal, but having no animus against them. Now we see that we made a big mistake... they were always dangerous in their commitment to normalize their crazy.

It makes me sad because of the lesson of tolerance needs to be rewritten. I think culture always matters and it should have at least some gray area boundaries of acceptability. Go ahead and be weird and celebrate it! I will celebrate it with you! But get aggressive to force the weird as normal... going so far to persecute what is normal... and I will fight you to prevent it.

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Ben Burgis seems to be as out of touch as the people he criticizes:

He said, "trans people should be allowed to use the bathroom in peace."

My son is a trans man.

Pardon the pun, Ben, but my son does not give a SHIT about using public restrooms.

He is far more concerned with employment discrimination, adoption discrimination, living wages, affordable housing, and insurance that covers his gender transition needs.

My request to the Left: PLEASE stop locking trans rights in the bathroom stall.

And FFS stop defending trans women who show off their penises in the women's locker room (I sincerely doubt anyone who does this is actually trans gender - the trans women I know tried to cut off their own penises as kids and would DIE before letting other women see their penis).

And Lia Thomas???


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Dr. Burgis ignored the elephant in the room which is that MOST far Left people are UPPER MIDDLE CLASS, and have an extremely condescending attitude toward the poor and working classes they claim to represent.

He himself is an academic (SHOCK!) and is out of touch with the real needs and feelings of poor and working class people (DOUBLE SHOCK).

Not only does the Left not persuade the unwashed masses, they alienate us by repeating absurd slogans like "sex work is work" and "men get pregnant, too."

I stopped donating to AOC when she came out against FOSTA (in what universe should I prioritize the "rights" of adults who choose to work in the sex industry over the protection of raped kids who are trafficked online? Her position is so venal it takes my breath away).

Another thing - the Left seems determined to protect sex buyers by decriminalizing them (instead of just decriminalizing the women and kids they "consume"). This is no better than wanting to decriminalize rape (which the Left also wants to do through "restorative justice" and replacing prisons with Kum-ba-ya drum circles).

Black and Indigenous women are those most likely to be trafficked, while sex buyers tend to be white upper middle class men.

Guess who the Left wants to protect?

Legalized sex buying increases demand, and since there is never enough willing "supply" to meet demand, this leads to an increase in sex trafficking.


There are studies:



But the Left doesn't really care, and in the case of trafficking victims, they don't even care if they appear to care.

Sex buyers fuel sex trafficking.

Lock the bastards up if you truly care about the most vulnerable women in society.

The Left only performatively "cares" about the poor and working classes.

Their real goal is to protect their own class status while just pretending to care about the poor and marginalized (and not even doing that very well).

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It’s amusing to watch the left eat itself. I have no sympathy watching a movement slowly self destruct after the misery it has caused.

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Also- race based reparations??? Really??

Who thinks Beyonce and Jay Zee deserve reparations???

It's the poor of ALL races who deserve reparations in this country, not the greedy rich or smug professional classes, regardless of historical oppression (what about oppression happening NOW???)

The Far Left fails because they have been hijacked by people who are wildly out of touch with material reality: the Academic & "Creative" classes.

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As someone who has been cancelled despite not being well known, I definitely understand this conversation. I prefer to take the view that it's a real thing but the line is blurry on what the difference is between being cancelled and holding people accountable.

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Good interview, but I noticed that Burgis instrumentalizes dialogue. For instance, in the story about going on Rogan and the conversation Burgis had later in an Atlanta bar, it's all about him (Burgis) having the opportunity to change someone else's ideas. He's right that he has a better chance to change someone's mind through conversation than through shaming and censorship, of course. But it would be nice if he were open to the possibility that his own ideas could be changed, too. My guess is that a conversation for the sake of connecting and understanding has the best chance of coming up with a real solution - and probably both sides will 'move' in the process. He's going in the right direction, but that kind of "of course, the other side [i.e. the American right] is totally wrong" condescension is still there. I liked that he mentions how mixed, jumbled, and inconsistent most non-political peoples' views are but seems to miss that this is often true of highly political types, too.

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Tara, since I don't know much about you, will you please describe what it is that makes you a "Person on the Left"? I look forward to hearing your possible reply. Thanks!

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“Do not proffer sympathy to the mentally ill; it is a bottomless pit. Tell them firmly, “I am not paid to listen to this drivel — you are a terminal fool!” Otherwise, they make you as crazy as they are.” ― William S. Burroughs

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Mar 31, 2022·edited Mar 31, 2022

We need to get to a place where the bulk of people can appreciate issues from both a left and right wing perspective. It's a fundamental hurdle to achieve but necessary for adults. Children learn to tie their shoe laces and speak a language, surely we can stop the self segregation. When I hear so called lefties describe 'their' issues, they seem so unaware of general realities. The Left of yesteryear including hippies and war vets etc. are now considered the Right if we look to the Freedom convoy. Left and Right are artificial constructs in a way, adults need to look at the big picture, at the social engineers who are combining big corporate power with the self destructive religious fervour of the social justice movement.

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"The expectation that all you have to do is click a button and the machine will do exactly what it’s told without asking anything of you in return is only a historically-unprecedented luxury of so many suburban idlers who have never done anything without the help of their smartphones, without realizing that the latter exist only due to the geological miracle of fossil fuels....

Leftoidism is the underlying technological rationalization demanding obedience and the repression of natural drives on a level of abstraction so pure as to make no presuppositions regarding the existence of any of its human leftoid slaves."

C.A. Haag

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There is no chance I would visit Ruerson University for any reason.

After seeing how quickly wokeism has spread I’m terrified it is contagious

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Ryan Long may be the funniest Canadian comedian since Norm Macdonald (RIP)

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Other than elites, no one is being dishonest about their motives. Both the right and left wing truly believe their policies are better for the common man. “better” is influenced by what is valued from various perspectives

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Great show, Tara... I'm about to release my book on my story. I'd love to come on your show! Google me: Guy Earle: I got railroaded. My book: Cancelled: The Death of Stand-up is coming out this spring/summer; I'd love to wrap about it and the state of freedom. The status of society can be gleaned by looking at our comedians... as I said (and have been quoted erroneously since): Stand-Up Comedy is the Canary n the Coalmine for Free speech.

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