Wonderful. It is about time. I have noted this long ago (see my newsletter "Devolving to the Matriarchy"), but this is an internal women's struggle. Many leading feminists, especially the modern 3rd wave cohort, are frankly driven radical malcontents that want everyone else to be as miserable as they are. Resentment is their fuel. A large percentage of them are lesbian. My wife has coined the label "bitter vagitarians" and as offensive as this sounds, it is really an accurate cut. They mistakenly believe that power and control will fix what is broken inside them. What many of them need is cognitive behavior therapy.

"Even the shots lobbed by the men in the mix tend to lean heavily on mean girls tactics."

Some men are wired with the same dominate emotive processor. Others are driven to virtue signal support for women's positions as a biological response for female favors... mostly to increase their opportunity for sex. My wife tells me that me telling her she is right makes her frisky for me. Weak men will always tell the lie for sex, and to feel like they are part of the cool-kids group. Strong men are caring, empathetic, protective but speak the truth.

Women are dominating academia and high paying careers. It is way past the time to put the brakes on the women's movement and restructure it to something that is good for society in general. The malcontents need to be extracted and replaced with psychologically-stable people that use logic, objectivity and pragmatism to set an agenda for progress.

But first, we need to get critical theory out of the education system. It is fake scholarship. It is a toxic mind virus. And it is the sources of the irrational ideological extremes adopted by so many college-educated women in the media, in HR departments and in politics... and that is the leading cause of so much social and economic nihilism.

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Wow, until now I have not been able to understand this movement. You just NAILED IT. This lens explains so much.

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There is a concept among the psychoanalysts of the "devouring mother." On a personal level this can manifest as a dysfunctional relationship between a parent (usually but not always the mother) and a child, in which the parent strives to keep the child dependent and infantile, and the child plays along because it is much easier to avoid the difficult and anxiety-provoking challenges involved in growing up and taking on adult roles. The end result is the 30 (or 40) year old "infant" who lives in Mom's basement playing video games, having Mom do the laundry and make the meals. The "child" expects the parent to solve all of his problems and never develops the capacity to take on adult roles and responsibilities.

To me, it seems like our entire culture has turned into a "devouring mother" and I can't help but think this is somehow related to the feminization of power structures and media. We now expect government to take responsibility for everything. We have so much reflexive empathy that we keep the population weak, dependent and infantilized. Every group that we--perhaps with good intentions--set out to "help" is instead harmed by this cultural "devouring mother." We make everything so easy and "safe" that real growth and development and personal responsibility cannot develop and, in the long run, we cause a more profound type of suffering.

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This makes so much sense! I've never even allowed myself to think this for fear of misogyny. But now that you've said it, women have started every online pile-on that has implicated me. Men have participated in very small numbers, but it's always been led my women (we're talking about a very small sample size, btw). I'd always attributed this to women's over-representation on Facebook (which I've now quit, thank God), but your perspective sheds a whole new light.

My main interest these days is developing a new narrative--or script--for masculinity. It's great that (Canadian) society has embraced femininity and I believe this had liberated men and women alike from straight-jacket playbooks. But the attack on masculinity serves no-one well. Rekindling the kind of masculinity that leads to flourishing holds a big piece of the puzzle you've described.

Masculinity and femininity are like left-right speakers on your stereo: too much of either makes for an unpleasant experience. It's time we dial up the masculinity (in a new, healthy way).

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I'm starting to see AWFL get thrown around as an epithet now (Affluent White Female Liberal), slowly replacing "Karen".

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Tara, thanks so much for this piece. To even speak the word "toxic femininity" is a courageous endeavour. i have wondered about how much of the public conversation has been at least partially abetted by the rise of women in public life - but as a man, i am terrified of saying any such thing. To be clear, as Perry points out, there have been significant benefits of women having more influence in cultural/political matters. But there is also a potential dark side, one that only gets more dark when it remains unsaid or is denied outright.

i think there is a "rational" and calm way to go about this - but, again, as a man, i have no idea what role i would take in it. At this point in the cultural milieu, i think smart, feminist women (like yourself, Daum, and others) need to begin the reckoning. Unless you have some advice for men like us - supportive of women taking their place in authoritative cultural positions, but wary of some of the poststructuralist excesses that have been unleashed since 2015ish.

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People are not happy

Ps they never were

So movements are like drugs alcohol and other escapes

All spending their time swinging on the pendulum of grandfathers clocks till their time is up.

No research no phd thesis

No govt studies

Trump got 50 per cent of the vote twice by both men and women

That is how unhappy people are.

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We should be careful not to rush to judgement on the changing role of women and men. There is nothing inherently "wrong" with society becoming "more female"...if that leads to a "better" society.

Alternatively, the current societal "hate on" for males is clearly warping progress unproductively.

This swinging pendulum will, over time, produce more balance. No panic needed.

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Who's this "we" you speak for?

"Fuck the EU" - Victoria Nuland


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Oct 7, 2022·edited Oct 7, 2022

Sobering truths, thank you.

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This addresses one of the things I have observed. Women in leadership, who have taken on the worst characteristics of Male Leadership. They are more aggressive, more competitive, more sociopathic, more domineering, more patronizing, than all but the worst male leaders. In other words, they are not embracing their womanhood, but rather their resentment that they were not born men.

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