Excellent!! This is the kind of thing i don't hear anywhere else. And my attitude on immigration in Canada is confirmed by this guest.

What i hear is we need more extract resource industries and pipelines cause we need the jobs and then a while goes by and i hear we don't have enough workers so we need more immigration. I suppose the oil and gas sector pays pretty good, and the immigrants are here to serve the well paid workers. Shit, that really does sound like racism.

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Another great interview Tara. Thank you!

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How about having a exit test for each grade, and if you don't pass the test, you do not advance. End social promotion.

That wouldn't cost a dime.

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Great episode. A couple of observations. It is virtually impossible to employ the stupid and lazy. No amount of training or cajoling can get them to produce more than is consumed by them. Unions. When you must pay a relatively low skill forklift operator 65.00 bucks an hour in wages and benefits, someone is either going to try and offshore that or find a robot.

Quality of union work. Look no further than the teachers union. Look at the amount of money spent and the math and reading scores produced. A combination of the stupid and lazy with a union job you cannot be fired from is devastating.

In your discussion of low wages you failed to mention inflation. Between 1970 and 1980, purchasing power of the dollar declined by half. From 1980 to 2022 it has declined by 87%

Low birth rates. The feminazis have won everything they asked for and more. So much so that to flirt or ask a female out on a date at the university or workplace puts males at risk of unending lawsuits and social ostracism. Historically, over 40% of males never did reproduce. We've made it worse.

Did you know at Netflix headquarters they have a 5 second gaze rule for male and female interactions. So as not to make females uncomfortable, males must divert their gaze after 5 seconds or be reported to HR. Quite the buzz kill.

You voted for all of this and now you're getting it good and hard.

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