Jul 22, 2022 • 27M

'I stopped reading the news'

My conversation with American journalist and author Amanda Ripley

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Tara Henley
Conversations with heterodox authors and journalists from around the world, asking the questions that are not being asked.
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For many journalists, it’s a point of pride to consume as much media as possible, as much of the time as possible. We think this makes us informed, better at our jobs.

So it caused a stir last week when American journalist Amanda Ripley admitted, in The Washington Post no less, that she’s been avoiding the news for years — like an increasing number of Americans, and Canadians. And, it turns out, journalists.

Amanda Ripley’s piece is titled, “I stopped reading the news — is the problem me, or the product?” In it, she poses a question that few have been willing to ask. And that is: “If so many of us feel poisoned by our products, might there be something wrong with them?”

Amanda Ripley is a contributor to the The Washington Post and The Atlantic. Her most recent book is High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out.

Amanda Ripley is my guest, today on the Lean Out podcast. And I’ll be sending out a transcript tomorrow.