The opening never ending list of Captain Cool Socks "highlights" is simply amazing. I'd like to think that I am somewhat sane....and logical but someone please help me understand how this person has held power for over two terms!!!

He is a fascist, a deeply corrupt and morally deprived, women-hating liar....yet here we are.

The next election can't get here fast enough. I am very hopeful the Canadian population has after the obvious destruction of our Country is now presenting itself can see the error of their ways.

I would never wish ill on anyone and I hope the PM goes on to live a healthy and long life with his kids..... but the damage he has done to the Country deserves a political beating that will send a message to other "Liberal" leaders harboring the same ideologies.

Thanks for the great content Tara.

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When Justin Trudeau became PM, I was open to him, if only because I was not a Stephen Harper fan.

He completely lost me with the SNC Lavalin / Jody Wilson affair. From my point of view, it was completely unacceptable and characterized the worst of the Politics of the Past. It only went downhill from there. His choice of Christia Freeland as Finance Minister left me cold as I am unsure of her loyalties, and her family history leaves me wondering what she really stands for.

How he treated the "Truckers" was completely unacceptable for a PM, and it is beyond my understanding how people who call themselves Liberals can support him. The Truckers are citizens, and deserved to be heard as citizens, not characterized as misogynists, racists, with unacceptable views.

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Tara, this was another great interview. I feel such rage when I think of JT and the rest of the liberal MPs. I have a constant rage email draft floating in my head directed to my Liberal MP. How you conduct your interviews leaves me feeling more sane.

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I appreciate the very reasoned, 'let's try to understand what happened rather than vilify' tone of this interview, from both parties. That said, I imagine I'll be one of the critics Mr. Wells predicts will say he went too easy. Like you, Tara, I was living in Jody Raybould-Wilson's riding when that all went down, and knew people who knew her. The demotion of an indigenous woman with so much professional cred, for simply standing with integrity on normal legal principles--plus the booting out of another seasoned liberal woman in the caucus (Jane Philpott)--told me a lot about the hollowness of the 'sunny ways' and 'because it's 2015' rhetoric. 'Because it's 2015' only if you don't get too uppity and actually do your job, was how I read it. i.e. the same old, same old. Lots has happened since then, of course. But I felt it was an important moment, for those paying attention.

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I’d like to know in advance of listening if there are any recordings of him speaking. I find it really triggering. Are there?

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Hi Jenn it was just Tara & Paul. I feel ya. Part of my work is speaking, singing, voice coaching. Most of us can hear condescension in someone's voice, of course. It is also possible to hear the lies, especially coupled with body language if it's a video. And I do hear that. It is troubling, to say the least.

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