Christ almighty, that was a lot of gobbledygook.

Spoiler alert.

In the military it's referred to as mission creep.

What she is trying to say is, the left got everything they ever wanted, and more. Then it all turned to shit. How do I get off this train, and blame someone else.

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So much of this is mental masturbation to try and separate the people responsible for the mess from the mess. Woke is left. I find very few left of center voters that have not adopted the ideology of critical theory-derived woke. They, primarily old white elites, tell me I am a privileged male (I may be white or Asian... none of your business).

Woke is a left sickness. If it is not owned by the left then why is there not copious speaking out against it. Why for example do all Democrats support DEI and ESG?

Woke = Democrat

Woke = Racist

Democrat = Racist

Unless Democrats start separating from woke, these labels fit.

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The Left opened Pandora’s Box and out spilled wokeness. Now “some” on the left are beginning to regret it. But it’s too late.

Here in Canada, the Liberal, NDP and Green parties are woke up to their eyeballs, and the Left keeps voting for them because, of course, they could never vote for the Right.

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Per Dr. Neiman: "My own feeling about working-class rage is that it is indeed a reasonable response to a completely unreasonable system."

What is unreasonable about the "system" and how does this reconcile with Charles Murray's research contained in "Coming Apart" that shows the decline in the work ethic of the white working class commencing in the late 60's to early 70's?

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This was a useful read. I used to think the woke were just infants trapped in adult form but now I know they are also inspired by an amoral arsonist called Foucault and an unrepentant Nazi called Schmitt. Explains much.

I’m not certain it’s a political movement, more that it has been quickly adopted by the political Left (sparked by Obama in his 2012 run), the media, and corporate interests as a marketing strategy (though they might start changing their minds when they hear about Schmitt!). For certain they are not prepared for the world at large, they can’t comprehend it never mind contribute to it in a constructive way. That takes vision, planning, negotiation, effort, persistence and much more; all the qualities these grown infants have none of.

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Is the audio coming?

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