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Again, this is the second time I have listened to this and more thought has been brought forward. Thank you Tara

Objectivity, balance & truth. How do we make journalism accountable? Free speech and plat forming alternate perspectives is very important to this.

So here is my question. Michael is at the Atlantic, and at the Atlantic is an editor (His name is not relevant to my question) who has used his writing skills to bring about massive harm to the planet. This journalist / editor has never paid a price for this. He is still regularly featured in the media, even in Canadian Media. I would argue that millions of people have died as a result of his skill in mobilizing public opinion to support wars around the world starting with the Iraq war.

What does accountability & justice look like here? Do I think he should be denied a platform, probably not a good idea? At present the only option I see is to have faith that when he dies, he will face judgement from God. But in the meantime...

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