There in an old joke "If women were leading the world, there would be no more wars. No, there would only be countries that do not speak with each other". Yes, I feel the same way - that we replaced the malaises of the men-ruled world with new ones, of the women-ruled world. Too much acting on feelings and too little on thought. The world will never be in constructive balance if we keep excluding one gender from decision-making.

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Your conversation with Ms Daum (I belong to the dipthong pronunciation crowd if anyone's interested - talk about your in-groups) reminded me of Canada and the CBC at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

One of the more meaningless claims made about the Tokyo games by the IOC was that it would be more "gender equal." I know, what the hell, right? This amounted to adding a couple of sports for women and a few mixed sports, but CBC sports thingies could barely contain themselves when asked to fill space between BMO and Coca-Cola ads. The other thing they never failed to mention was that 60% of Team Canada was comprised of women. 60%.

At the end of the games we were told that the "medal haul" was tilted 65 - 35 for the women. But there was more. As the last of the fireworks smoke wafted over the stadium one of the CBC sports hosts read a tacked on, pre-scripted (but perhaps not pre-approved) speech about how Canadian women needed to work even harder to defeat the ugly scourge of misogyny, and that eventually "we" on the vanguard would achieve our noble goal of equality in sports.

What a strange - and yet not totally surprising - response to what had just transpired.

Sort of like the LA Times response to Bari Weiss's debate, but not as perversely articulated.

I'm not one of those guys by the way, those guys that want to attend Meghan's off the record retreats. Margaret Wente used to write, or "dust off," a column every couple of years reminding her dear readers that those lefty dudes conspicuously present at women's lib demos in the 70's were absolute leches after the lava lamps were turned off. Same guys. I'm sure of it. But I do envy the fellowship and conversations.

The only thing I'd add to your cancel culture discussion is: effeminate gay men. I had two childhood friends who described themselves as "absolute queens" and in social circles they were poison if you displeased them. They could organize a 30 person, co-ordinated silent treatment blitzkrieg in less than an hour. And they would rigorously enforce it. But they were great friends and I miss them dearly. Both died of AIDS in the late 1980's, which tells you how old I am.

I began to see the same impulses (and skills, let's face it) in co-workers and then later with clients. Like their sexual orientation these behaviors are innate. So, count them in.

Great hearing Meghan interviewed for a change. Thanks Tara.

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Always brightens my day to see a new episode of Lean Out drop... listening now

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Humanity does have a lot to unpack! Especially in the concept of the universe as a perpetual motion system--we can unpack for a while, no? I understand Lanza’s “Biocentrism” hints at this eternal concept I wondered about as a child.

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