Look around you… all around you… men… the same being being destroyed by the postmodernist feminist hive that has taken over the power of institutions… built almost everything.

I have never had any problem with women have an equal professional seat at the table with men. In my career some of the most capable corporate leaders have been women.

But what we have today is the hive of female malcontents that just want power… and are committed to destroying males thinking this is somehow going to end well for them. It won’t.

I wonder if these men should do the Atlas Shrug… refusing to make, build, grow of fix the real tangible things required to live… but only for those members of the class of people working to destroy the male working class… would that help snap awake the sleepwalking woke? The problem is that these men are generally too ethic and moral to do that shrug. The will suck it up and take care of the vey people attempting to destroy them.

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Hi Tara - Interesting information.

I tend to appreciate wisdom from Jordan P and some of his guests for a deeper understanding of what is going on today versus days gone by. It must be his gray hair.

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Was automation mentioned?

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