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I appreciated the discussion on free speech and the necessity to have all speech heard. It is very important that all voices be in the discussion.

I do need to point out that your guest Nadine Strossen conflated anti-Zionism with antisemitism. How do you expect young adults know the difference between the ideology of Zionism, and being Jewish, if your guest does not. Many Jews are anti-Zionist. Many Christians are Zionists. Historically, atheistic Jews often were Zionists, while devout religious Jews were anti-Zionist.

Perhaps, you should bring on a guest to explain the difference. A few suggestions would be Canadian Author, Trauma Specialist, Medical Doctor, and Holocaust Survivor Dr. Gabor Mate'. Alternately you could bring on his son Journalist Aaron Mate' who also posts on Substack. If you really want to stir up controversy, you could bring on another Jewish child of the Holocaust who is regularly cancelled for his articulate extensive knowledge of both the holocaust and Gaza, Professor Norman Finkelstein.

These are articulate Jewish voices that are not often heard and would be a contribution to free speech, and the knowledge of your readers.

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I’ll renew my subscription.

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I cancelled my subscription when we get a topic of antisemitism while Israel is killing Palestinians by the thousands in what looks like genocide with no hope for a cease fire. While Palestinians are trapped in an open-air prison.

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