Yikes, this guy talks about how our freedom is being corroded because Canadians are too reticent and deferential to authority, and then in the next breath talks about how vaccine mandates are necessary because “scientists, people who know far better than I” have decreed it? There’s the Canadian midwit mentality on full display from someone who has less of an excuse than most for lacking self-awareness.

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Covid has never been a major concern for the majority of people so cannot be termed a public health disaster. We should have always taken a stratified approach. The vaccines come with risk of harm (will we ever know how great a risk) and the younger you are the more the risk outweighs the benefit. I am deeply saddened by the drive to vaccinate children when we have no idea of any long-term risks. I have just had covid and at nearly 67 it was not even a bad cold. Luckily I have a doctor who prescribed Ivermectin and I never felt ill. To think that I could have been forced to take a vaccine to prevent that is unbelievable and, yes, I caught covid from a vaccinated spouse!!! If you believe like me that the vaccines were brought in for the passports the mandates are even more horrific!

I would say that the views expressed by this lawyer are naive at best!

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Tara, you seriously need to upgrade the quality of your guests. I’ve been following you from the beginning and more stuff like this is seeping through. It’s not that he’s got an opposing view to your readership - he’s just awful at justifying it and relies on his own credentials instead of robustness of claims.

I WANT to hear opposing views that the politically homeless don’t like to hear. Just please not someone as soft as this…

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May 18, 2022·edited May 18, 2022

Plus he kind of demonstrates the contrary of his own criticisms. He complains about woke culture and deference to woke governments, completely overlooking that he is CHOOSING who he is "deferring to". He is most certainly deferring to that old white male (Fauci) when it suits him! :D

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These people might be the most dangerous of all. "Don’t worry, the pendulum will eventually swing in the other direction." They have NO IDEA how far it swings first. No idea. They're happy just sitting there and watching it swing.

I have a good friend who is a science prof at a good, not great, university. He knows he is the only "conservative" (his word, I think those words have become hugely distorted) person in his dept's faculty and perhaps in the entire faculty. He is very sharp. He sees what is going on, more first-hand than I do. But then, his 2 responses are:

B) "Don’t worry, the pendulum will eventually swing in the other direction."

A) "It has to. The things they think and say are SO EASY to satirize. They have to wake up."

When he says it, I just shake my head at how sheeple so many people, incl him, are. He'll probably be out on his ass before the swing changes direction. ... "Don't worry, ..."

Note to my friend and everyone: The brain-washed do not understand your satire.

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“I did see things which suggested to me the opposite. But I think the opposite was, to some degree, justified by the circumstances.”

“I’m something of a freedom of speech absolutist, a freedom of expression absolutist.”

The former seems to negate the latter. I do agree that a global health emergency dictates some extra authority of administrators to do what is needed to keep people as safe from harm as possible. But it went WAY beyond that to the point where the dictates have caused more harm.

Today in the US those same forces are creating a new moral crisis out of whole cloth (systemic racism and white supremacism) to extend their drunk-with-power COVID authoritarianism. The twitches are the same regardless if an infectious virus or some other moral crisis. They will exploit it to ban, cancel, silence and destroy those that seem to be a risk to their power pursuits. It is the same twitch and you cannot support it for one moral crisis and be against it for another and claim you are an absolutists.

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May 18, 2022·edited May 18, 2022

This guest is completely blind to the fact that Big Pharma profits completely dictate public policy at this point. He is WRONG about the severity of the disease for 99% of the population.

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Freedom of expression was okay so long as it worked to erode traditional western customs and beliefs. Now that the long march through the institutions is complete it's time for the ogres to start issuing passports for apartheid travel, and licenses for journalists. They love jumping into the Orwellian world of Misinformation / Wrongthink.

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I had planned to add my two-cents worth regarding his comments on the vaccine mandate but ya'll beat me to it. I haven't read all the comments so this may be repetitive but the one aspect of the mandate here in the States was the complete absence of the concept of Natural Immunity. I got the virus in July of 21. Went through the aches and pains and high temps for a couple weeks then recovered. I'm 71 and I have natural immunity, but I still can't go on a cruise because I'm not vaccinated. Given some of the, now recognized, limitations of the vaccine, how STUPID is that? It's all about control.

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May 20, 2022·edited May 20, 2022

I truly chafe at the trope of “well, this topic is complicated so we need to treat it as undecided and with no sense of being able to arrive at objective truth”. It strikes me as pulling a Fermat - “I have proof, but I just can’t fit it into the margins of my notebook!”

The concept of freedom is not complicated; we have centuries of preeminent philosophers and writers (going back at least to Liber Paradisus in modern-ish times, if not earlier) defining what personal freedom is and how it looks. To claim that the onset of a severe cold suddenly tosses out all that scholarship is a ludicrous prevarication that shows someone really hasn’t understood this topic the entire time.

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"I wrote an op-ed piece in The Globe and Mail .. I don’t like walking through the park and not being able to sit on a park bench. And I don’t like walking around and seeing a sign that says you may be asked for your identity credentials at any time.” This rubbed me the wrong way."

Every Mayor wants Thug Cops to beat up anyone ... other than white people.... how else are the Mayors going to get the vote of the little old white ladies who want to walk their dog in the park at 10 PM?

Cheaper than having 2 person police patrols walking the streets and actually getting to know the citizens.


"But, on the other hand, there is no question that it was a very serious public health crisis, very unusual. It needed something unusual, and perhaps what in another context would be regarded as draconian, restrictions."

It was not a serious public health crisis. It was the government destroying the middle class; an experiment to determine what the public would and would not do; FYI CDC in America bought the tracking data of every american so they know where everyone was including their movements during this period.

FYI: 400,000 people die each year, in America, due to doctor and hospital malpractice. Do the math. Duh.

Those learned health care providers killed almost the same million people in the same time period. Yet no one seems to care.


"PS: No. But again, I would come back with you to first principles. I mean, nobody is in favor of inequality."...

....No one’s in favor of inequality. Everybody is in favor of equality....."

Are you nuts?

Everyone is in favor of inequality of all types be it income; race; religious; and every other type you could name.

If we all were not in favor of inequality then we would have eliminated: homelessness, systematic racism systematic religious discrimination; drugs; systematic destruction of the people who were here before the English ,the French and the Spanish took their land.

We have inequality because that is what we all want.

I was a lawyer. What scares me is what you taught your law students.


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"These are people who are well-educated, who were thoughtful, and in many cases have had quite a long career in the academy, have seen other times and other ways of doing things. And yet they seem to have embraced all of this wholeheartedly. I don’t understand why. Are they afraid? I just don’t understand."

They're behaving like, like Commoners😱

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Thank you, Tara, for stating clearly that "vaccine mandates" are nonsense and an infringement on civil liberties.

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May 22, 2022·edited May 22, 2022

Sorry I had to end this once he began to talk about vaccines and their effectiveness.

I began to feel that way when he talked about the severity of the “public health crisis.”

This man is woefully uninformed! Sorry not sorry 😐

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Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry is in court this week in BC Law Courts, 800 Smithe Street, Court Room 53,Vancouver, B.C. Friday May 20, 2022 9:45am to 3:00pm.

[The plaintiffs allege that Henry and the government have misrepresented the severity of COVID-19 and that individuals’ constitutional rights were infringed by public health orders which caused many harms and restricted their freedoms.]

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"Everybody talks about other kinds of inequality, and injects theories about it in university courses and in op-eds and so on. But income inequality doesn’t seem to attract that level of attention. But it’s so fundamental to me.

TH: I agree with you completely. I do find it astonishing how little coverage and little discussion and debate it gets, considering the huge impact that it has."

"The super-rich will have to keep up the pretense that national politics might someday make a difference. Since economic decisions are their prerogative, they will encourage politicians of both the Left and the Right, to specialize in cultural issues. The aim will be to keep the minds of the proles elsewhere – to keep the bottom 75 percent of Americans and the bottom 95 percent of the world’s population busy with ethnic and religious hostilities, and with debates about sexual mores. If the proles can be distracted from their own despair by media-created pseudo-events…the super-rich will have little to fear."

exceprt from Richard Rorty, "Achieving Our Country" 1998

And I'll personally add that the problem isn't income inequality, it's wealth inequality. Income inequality itself is a bit of a distraction from wealth inequality.

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