I simply strive to be emotional controlled, psychologically whole, self-aware, self-confident, rational, logical, objective, curious, well-read, pragmatic, open, argumentative but only when important and appropriate… but otherwise quiet and humble. I tend to see a bigger picture and naturally strive for the long-term vision. I am a perpetual student of individual and group human behavior and can often see the connections of what are human emotional and psychological needs fulfillment substituting for rational views.

From my observations and work to understand and learn, little about the modern left political view and agenda looks good to me. The left tribe seems to be emotionally and physiologically unhinged. They are over-educated without enough productive pursuits to achieve elite status, and they have gravitated toward a destructive cult of absurdity to feel meaning and purpose. They have turned nasty and mean, using their position and education for rhetorical domination while denying that THEIR behavior is deplorable.

The right tribe gets it more. They are more rational and pragmatic. They are happier, more centered and whole. Their lack of education and language skills puts them at a disadvantage in the political debate and info wars. And their lack of rhetorical sophistication makes them difficult for educated media chattering class people to embrace them. There is room for debate in their beliefs. It is not a cult.

Maybe because I was born in a single wide trailer in the Midwest, and worked in blue collar jobs until I rose to be a 1 per center professional living in a majority liberal state and community I have this perspective. But it is clear to me that the inmates are running the asylum and the system is severely sick. Until and unless enough of the media pulls away from the insanity and reports as it should, we are doomed.

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The relief of listening to a conversation between two smart sensible women who also have not lost their sense of humour.

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I purchased the domain tribelessman.com. Like Bridget I feel a tribeless person (and I felt like that all my life). The Right thinks I am a Socialist, the extreme left thinks I am a Nazi - which makes me think I am in the right spot... but it is very lonely.

I remember a scene from my youth under Communists. In the students' campus, the buildings were distinct, divided per faculty. So, there were rivalries. Now and then somebody from Computer Science would scream "F_ck Mecha", with reference to students of Mechanical Engineering, in the nearby building. The reply would not delay and soon both building would swear the others (there were 7-10 floor buildings, so a lot of racket). One night, in the full screaming from the windows, a guy in a smaller building, smoking in the balcony, yelled "Good thing we are neutrals". In the next second, both CS and Mechanical Engineering students united to yell "F_ck the NEUTRAAAAAAALS"

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