Here is how I frame the situation... and it transcends the women's right movement and covers almost everything where activists exist.

If you think about a Western system of democratic free expression, the founding vision for this is that people would lead a regular life and periodically take time off from that life to agitate for a cause or serve in politics or government.

Causes are supposed to be projects. A project is defined as a temporary endeavor with a goal of achieving a final outcome. Once the outcome is achieved, the project ends and the project participants filter back to their regular lives.

What has happened is that politics, activism and government has become a career for millions of people. The reason is that government has grown too large and takes up too much of our GDP. The cohort of people making money off this are essentially looters. They don't produce any marketable goods and services that form the base of economic growth. Instead they feed off that base by farming the issues around them. And thus they have a conflict of interest between the solving of the issues and making a living off the issues.

The women's right movement achieved most if not all of its intended goals and yet it would not stop. It would not stop because of the people that had embedded themselves in the money-making enterprise of the movement. These people have a conflict of interest that motivates them, in desperation, to keep pushing... even inventing new issues that otherwise would not exist.

We see similar problems with many other topics where there is a cohort of non-profits, attorneys and writers all dependent on the perpetuation of the cause so they can build their bank accounts.

These people no longer really care about the outcome... they care about their livelihood. And so the movement degrades and starts actually doing damage to the original cause.

It is a sticky problem without any easy solution other than people waking up to combat the destructive direction of the perpetual professional activists. Articles like this are an example.

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""My guest on the podcast today argues that the sexual revolution has, in fact, failed women ""if it has failed women it has failed men as well , we all lose

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Breaking God’s commandments, whether by man or woman, always leads to consequences.

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I enjoyed this a lot. I know it’s meant to be all scientific and studied but the fact is that being a parent mom or dad makes you a better human being - it schools you to be less selfish, more giving, more resourceful- I could go on and on. These are good things. These traits help in all areas of life. Makes you a better human being. Parenting also gives alot of joy and satisfaction- I didn’t hear that in the exchange. Why are we afraid to actually just tell the truth. And yes of course it’s good for society. Being conservative on these issues seems to be like having the plague and it cannot be spoken out loud despite the fact that the fallout of the sexual revolution is in our faces all day everyday. Feminism pretended to deliver something amazing- it didn’t. Remember Eve. I agree with the comment that it has failed men & women and of course children.

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As soon as Progressives get their sex, race and world wars, they just want to be mothers.

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