Tara, once again you have posted an important conversation. On your last post, "Canada is broken" I posted on that posting that successful societies are socially conservative. This is because Conservatives hang on to the best of the past. In other words "what works". Stable Marriages work for many reasons.

1. You know who has your back, and when things go badly as inevitably they do, you have support.

2. You have stable relationships with extended family. This means that you have people in your life that can give objective and critical feedback. Who can tell you when you are messing up, and you will hear them because you respect them.

3. You have stable values and these values are passed generation to generation

4. You are financially stable over the course of your life, from birth to death.

5. Children have models of good behavior that they can imitate

6, 7, 8, ......

Unfortunately, the left is constantly seeking after the latest ideas, the latest fashion, and puts on relationships like clothing. The fruit of this is children that grow up lost. I spent many years doing profiles of homeless people (most often for mental health or housing) and saw that many homeless people actually come from the families of the rich not the poor. They were the children of parents who focused on wealth and power, not on stable relationships.

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Loved this episode. Reminded me of a concept in Stephen Harper’s great book, “Right Here, Right Now” of the “Anywheres” (left leaning Liberals) and “Somewheres” (centre, right leaning Conservatives). Differences being whether they put down roots somewhere, embed in community, marry with children, etc. I will make sure my Millennial & Gen Z children listen 🎧 to this one!!

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Such an important topic. Handled professionally. Thank you.

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I dunno. Will comment on the transcript.

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