This guy actually thinks The Atlantic is an open minded publication. It is so progressive and self righteous that I can no longer bear to read it. It is good for me to hear his side of the issues you talked about. It reinforces my mistrust of the progressive lens, although I see a few cracks starting to form. Maybe there's hope yet.

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“It’s the impact, not the intent”.

I am forced to sign up to that slogan annually courtesy of my employers HR diversity & inclusion program. I only discovered a few weeks ago it’s a direct quote from Jacques Derrida, who was building from Roland Barthes’ essays on ‘death of the author’. Both of these are core writers of postmodern Theory.

This innocent sounding slogan is a license to nitpick the speakers words to deliberately find fault with them and cause (‘beautiful’) trouble.

The purpose of the impact/intent line is to mute the speaker, which is exactly the effect it has had on my workplace. We walk around on eggshells scared to speak the truth lest we offend a DEI commissar hiding in the shadows somewhere.

Why is my employer pushing anti- science, anti-truth, anti-evidence, post-liberal ideology based on Marxism? The answer is they probably don’t even realize it, some DEI consultant in head office decided it was the solution for a higher DEI corporate score and no one dared challenge it.

It’s not just DEI, it’s also CEI, HEI, MEI.. all under the umbrella program of ESG. The only credible person speaking I’ve found speaking truth to power on this is Dr. James Lindsay with his ‘New Discourses’ Spotify and youtube channels. Do yourself a favor and listen to his ESG cartel podcast and if you really want to follow the white rabbit down the rabbit hole, then watch his 30min speech to an EU forum earlier this year.

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Hey... look at me... I am a good person... I am caring... I am virtuous... I am righteous... I support DEI... I am a DEI consultant... this makes me a demigod with tremendous income-extracting potential.

In reality DEI is a racist sub-ideology designed to benefit certain racial and gender groups over others (what all racism is)... but hey, we collectivist demigods will not allow anyone to talk about that.

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They're on a roll. Why should they stop now. Jesse Jackson made a fortune years ago by shaking down corporations just like this. If BLM made 90 million in a short period with this technique, just think how much the DEI crowd could gather if you are forced to have them on staff. The media and all 3 letter government agencies are signed up. Remember, there's a sucker born every minute, and they have to pay.

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oh I cant wait for this one! thank you!

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