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Question, where are our elites being taught basic morality? You know, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not lie, etc.

Interacting with MBA's, and people trained in Communications is an exercize in figuring out what they actually intend, because you can be sure that what they are saying is not what they intend to do. For them everything is a game and if they can misdirect so that people think that they are with them, when they are not ...

The other one, and I am becoming convinced of this, is the 1st commandment. "Thou shalt not have any other gods before me." Our elites seem to feel that they are gods, that what ever they say is true because they say it, that if they say it is right, it is right, if they say it is just, it is just. Ugenics, and transhumanism, ideas that I would say that no rational educated person should believe seem to be accepted with certian groups of our elites. These people seem to truly believe they are "gods". I think they are mentally ill.

When a homeless man tells me that he is Jesus, I smile and nod. But when a Billionare says the same thing (using different words) there are a horde of people surrounding him, telling him that yes, you are a god. (I have actually watched this happen)

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Dear Tara, thank you for that small moment of personal sharing on this podcast. I know and appreciate that you try to keep the focus on your guests--rightly so--but in this instance your candid response to William's question added context and depth to the conversation and in fact other conversations on this podcast. Appreciating your work, as always.

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Sorry, but Dereseiwicz's comments on and attitude towrads the student protests at Columbia are appalling.

"But actually, first of all, I don't see the campus politicization as having interrupted the careerist project at all."

In the context of the Gaza protests, that is absurd. The career consequences to these young people are real and severe.

"They're out there. They're protesting. {...] One of the big differences that you already pointed to is that the professors are on their side."

A minority of the professors are on the side of the Gaza protesters, and virtually none of the senior administration.

"I mean, there was that sort of the very first, I think, visible campus incident at Yale in the fall of 2015, [...]

Well, a couple of those students later got awards at graduation time for their exemplary blah, blah, blah. So that's right. I mean, they didn't get their heads broken open and thrown into jail or expelled or suspended. They got awards. They got pats on the head."

Is he really that clueless? How is this at all similar to the consequences being visited on the Gaza protesters? Violence? Check. Criminal charges? Check? Expelled or suspended? Check. Banned from campus, evicted from their homes in residence, facing serious career consequences? Check, check, and check.

"Universities like Columbia let things get out of hand [...]

I'm glad they're drawing a line. I'm glad they're drawing a line. "

Really? Drawing a line by resorting to force to disband a peaceful protest?

"Civil disobedience is great. But it doesn't mean everything students do is automatically admirable."

What a ridiculous strawman. Of course, not everything the students do is admirable. But the principle of free speech and non-violent protest of an ongoing genocide which their society is not just ignoring but is actively enabling is overwhelmingly important. Does Deresiewicz think "drawing a line" is called for because "Civil disobedience is great as long as it doesn't inconvenience anyone"?

"Yeah, it's a really interesting time. And I do think it's a very complicated issue. "

What is complicated about stopping an ongoing genocide? Not just stopping enabling it, but actually stopping it. Sure, the issue of a sustainable, just resolution of the problems in the Middle East is complicated; very, very complicated.

But the unhinged slaughter, by bombs, by bullets, by starvation, by deprivation, of women, children, and civilians is not complicated: it's a crime against humanity. Thank god (or whomever) the students, even if they're "not automatically admirable", at least have the moral goodness to see this clearly, and the courage to stand up against it, unlike Deresiewicz.

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So ya know who you are defending, and note that this roughly echoes Victor Davis Hanson (a world renowned classicist and military historian at Stanford University) on the same subject. Your heart is on your sleeve, but your ignorance is larger.


“When Jordan admitted hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the years after the 1948 war, the refugees rewarded that country by repeatedly attempting to assassinate Jordanian King Hussein, successfully assassinating the Jordanian prime minister, and catapulting the country into the Jordanian Civil War.

“When Lebanon admitted tens of thousands of Palestinian refugees from Jordan after their failed insurrection, on top of the hundred thousand admitted after the 1948 war, the Palestinians rewarded the Lebanese by turning the PLO into a de facto state within a state, repeatedly attempting to assassinate the leaders of the Lebanese government and triggering the Lebanese Civil War.

“While the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians within Kuwait didn’t attempt to overthrow another government of their host country, the PLO was integral in supporting Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of Kuwait, leading to the expulsion of Palestinian refugees from Kuwait.

“After the Egyptian revolution successfully overthrew Hosni Mubarak and then Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas partnered with the Muslim Brotherhood to attempt to break Morsi out of prison. President el-Sisi’s government wound up banning both organizations and deeming them terrorists…”

Enough said. If their Muslim brothers don’t want them, why should we take them in?


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The late, great Rex Murphy's last column:

Rex Murphy: Trudeau faced an essential moral test after Oct. 7. He failed it

Our loudly, proudly self-proclaimed first male-feminist prime minister was silent on the horrid tortures and rapes of Israeli women.

On Oct. 7, a cowardly, medieval, murder cult (campus heroes) Hamas took the lives of over 1,200 Jews.

Without warning, at a music festival; chased, toyed with; beating every Jew they could find; hunted them down, tormented them, raped them, shot them. A great insensate orgiastic jubilation over a massacre of innocent Jews of an intensity and enormity not seen since the demonic practices of Jew-hating, Jew-destroying Nazism. The greatest puncture in that useless lying balloon of “never again” since the failed slogan was first muttered. Jews massacred in their homeland. Jews killed again.

Hamas is in a squalid tradition; there’s a lot of Himmler in Hamas.

There was also the deep cruelty, the sadism of taking hostages, ripping families asunder if they did not kill them, scooping up babies, young children, keeping a special eye out for pretty girls — dragging over 250 innocent people of all ages to Hamas’s web of dirt tunnels. How could a man look into the eyes of a 10-month-old infant and sunder him from his family? How could men rape and beat so many female hostages?

Oct. 7 was an enormity, I say again, on a historic scale. Were an equivalent atrocity to have fallen on Muslims somewhere in the West, this world of ours would be spinning into the sun on the strength of universal and ferocious denunciations.

But hey, this was Israel. Those killed, raped and kidnapped were Jews. Jews who lived in Israel. So, this runs on a totally different moral and political plateau.

The ambush of unarmed civilians on that Oct. 7 demanded and still demands a clarion statement from our leaders of totally unambiguous support for Israel, a visit to relations of those killed, and those still hoping for release of their family members held hostage.

Where has Justin Trudeau been? Where’s the utter denunciation of Hamas and those complicit with Hamas in mass murder, mass rape and mass kidnapping?

And where is Mr. Trudeau’s message to the green-flag-flying activists that Israel is not genocidal, an accusation ludicrous, lying and insolent at the same time.

After his clumsy, incompetent and amateur eight-year holiday as prime minister, our country, Canada, is diminished on the world stage, and worrisomely scattered and incohesive on the home front. Canada has “no core values” according to the one person most responsible for nursing the “core values” of the nation. And so, the world has no sense of where Canada really stands because we really don’t have a stand; and by Trudeau’s lights, our “postnationalist” Canada of “no core values,” just by definition alone, has nothing to say. (Query: Should a post-nationalist state have a seat at the UN — the United Nations.

Are Pride parades and an infatuation with global warming enough to fuse a great country into one magnificent union? Don’t think so, but that’s really all we’ve seen from Trudeau.)

Political cowardice, the fear of losing some of the Muslim vote has Trudeau and Joly responding to antisemitism by dusting off tattered platitudes (“this is not who we are as Canadians,” or some equally flaccid slogan crafted by a herd of consultants and speechwriters). He has no moral force to exert, he has no high presence in the world’s leadership, his flighty antics and frequent displays of incompetence have left him an isolate on the world platform. Essentially, his sad record internationally, his unintellectuality (his mind is not overclouded with ideas) and the obsessional tie to global warming fantasies (serious leaders may mouth the words these days, but the global warming juggernaut is bogged down) have combined to place him outside the adults who do rule the nations of the world. He is no one’s wise man.

I hear that at the U of T a Jew must show proof of anti-Israel beliefs to be allowed on his or her own campus. I hear there have been firebombing at synagogues and hate graffiti. I hear that individual Jews have been harassed and threatened.

It would be so interesting to see the response to these phenomena if it were, say, Muslims instead of Jews who were bearing the freight of atavistic hate and murderous intent.

To see a Muslim professor get barred from his office on a Toronto campus. Or a Black feminist specializing in colonialism having her speech drowned out.

What a world of difference the coverage would show. What intense concern. And this, this difference, everyone already knows it to be true. Or to switch examples, it’s the same when 10 or 30 or 60 Christian churches are burned in Canada. Burning churches, while highly undesirable, is — we have been told from the highest Canadian political level — nonetheless “understandable.”

There is one particular dimension of the horrid acts of Oct. 7 that cries for particular notice. One area in which the failure of Justin Trudeau is egregious, a collapse of his most visible values, and must be both obvious and depressing to his own partisans.

We never did get to hear our loudly, proudly self-proclaimed first male-feminist prime minister show any serious, extended response to the horrid tortures, beatings, rapes, kidnappings and murder of Israeli women, girls and infants. Remember — because a lot of people don’t seem to want to remember — this was an unprovoked mass killing by armed and hate-saturated Palestinians. As the records and film show (they filmed their own bestiality) they took special and malignant pleasure from the horrors, rape and murder of Jewish women. Women as children, teenagers, parents and elderly. Hamas loves to hate women.

What, my male feminist PM, kept you from taking the podium in your blackest denunciation mode? Where, most progressive of all progressive PMs, was your soul-tormented outcry that woman and girls were being raped and beaten — their dead and mutilated bodies put on exhibit to cheering Palestinians? And for the girls kidnapped to serve as hostages and “sexual relief” for the criminals of Hamas?

This was sexism at the murder and torture level. This was feminism, Hamas-style.

All of which comes to the sad point that our own universities and streets are now venues of the vilest antisemitism. Jews in Canada are, and rightly are, fearful. Where are the assurances, explicitly stated and backed by every state authority, that antisemitism will, when applicable, be punished? Or at the very least those who practice it be place in ostracism and scorned?

After eight years as prime minister, Trudeau is presented with a a singular, historic and essential moral choice to make. He has a moment

to make clear to the world what that choice is. The choice: to stand with democratic Israel, to rebut the insolent lies about genocide and apartheid, to name Hamas for the total sadistic villain it is. To scream to the world condemning the defilement, rape and murder of Israeli woman and girls. And to dismiss the moronic and morally unstable students on Canadian campuses and their infatuation with a terrorist organization. And beyond all to furiously condemn antisemitism and have no truck at all with those who harbour that diseased practice of the world’s most hateful losers.

Do you think he’ll make that choice, those choices? Not very likely. There are plastic bags to ban, military men’s rooms to be stocked with tampons, gay monuments to plan. All these greatly surpass in Trudeau‘s world some distant friction in the history Middle East and the minor discomfits.

National Post

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It's kind of tough to comment on this as a non-Ivy grad. So many doors are just closed if you had to do blue collar work to get through a state school rather than do low- or no-paying internships. Most people don't ever have the option of following their career dream. The Excellent Sheep will always be protected, they have more choices. They would have to experience life without money and supportive parents to have the first clue about life, forget about leadership.

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I quite liked the exchange about upper middle class bubble life.... "I think [class segregation] is one of the biggest problems with our elites in the West. Service work is going to give you contact as an equal — not as an upper class messiah"

I did whatever jobs I could do as kid starting as a paperboy at 12 and working illegally under age at a corner store on Sundays prior to Sunday shopping. The year before university, I worked in a bar. That was pretty normal for all the kids I knew. We all had jobs of some sort. Maybe half my friends got their asses fired for doing dumb things which was fine as having that happen when you are 16 is a free pass as you can learn from that and move on. Not the case now. Look at the youth labour participation rate and it was 62% in 1989 and in 2023 its 49%. Its a lot harder when your first job is at 23 and you get fired or laid off. Not to mention, crap jobs when you are a teen helps you focus a little more as to what you might like to do with your life.... Or in my case after having worked in a bar knowing what I totally do not want to do.

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Defund. Defund. Defund the whole lot of intellectually lazy virtue signallers.

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William Deresiewicz tries to walk a fine line in that he is “opposed to some of the messaging” of the Palestinian protesters. I find this disgusting. The Holocaust teaches us that indifference and inaction in the face of evil can be just as harmful as active participation in it. Hamas is a death cult the flatly advocates the elimination of Israel and killing of all Jews. That means another Holocaust. The fact that Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain want nothing to do with Hamas should tell you enough. And these protesters know better... really. I find the lefts popular discussion ending smear of “climate denier” [same as Holocaust denier] for those don't buy into climate change alarm-ism ironic. They now equivocate toward those who advocate another Holocaust.

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