I'm an American and completely unfamiliar with the CBC. This afternoon, I subscribed to Tara Henley's substack just so I could comment on the Emily Witt ludicrously mistitled article, " A Hookup App for the Emotionally Mature." I read that article in the New Yorker when it first appeared and found it depressing and, to be perfectly frank, offensive and disgusting.

I, for one, am very glad to see Tara took this article on because Emily Witt, a middle aged woman in her forties who feels compelled to use a dating website to have anonymous sex with scores of men and women she never sees again, is someone to be pitied not celebrated. And the fact that Witt promotes her unsavory, fetish filled lifestyle to others makes her worthy of active scorn. It saddens me that the once venerable New Yorker Magazine has jumped into the same woke infested, gender confused cesspool as rag sheets like HuffPost and the Daily Beast.

In closing, neither Tara nor I need anyone else's permission to criticize Witt's article or the lifestyle she promotes.

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Progressive ideology ? What the heck does that mean. Someone forgot to lay the foundation for self-esteem in Witts' life. Why is she looking on the outside world. Looking for friendship? Good grief. What happened to real personal friendships where people got together for a good chin-wag to deal with personal issues. And why are we pulling her article apart ? If you have nothing good to say then say nothing. Its not rocket science ladies.

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Jul 24, 2022·edited Jul 24, 2022

This is an interesting critical analysis of Witt's article. Tara is examining Witt's points and thinking about them. It's picking up the snow globe, examining the swirling snow and the village enclosed in their bubble and commenting on her viewpoint of what she sees. Hopefully a discussion among her readers of both her points and Witt's comes from that in a critical evaluation of how we all think.

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I guess that is just not my thing. I see it as 1) hang your laundry out for everyone to see.

2) the neighbour (s) is critical of the clothes and tells the other neighbours all about it.

The end result is 'who really cares' ? Was there a message or a moral to Witts story ?

Did the criticism teach us anything ?

If you enjoyed it then that is great. Just not my cup of tea.

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Tara, Just to reinforce, I am thrilled you are transcribing the podcasts. Otherwise I would miss all that content. I am already a subscriber, but that would be worth it to me.

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Agreed, it is my favorite feature. I do not have the cycles to consume podcasts, reading is faster and much preferred.

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“All roads from Rousseau lead to Sade.” ― Camille Paglia

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Thank you for what you do. Yikes, on the trolls. Stay strong! You are appreciated. Carry on.

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Hi Tara, thank you for that article, your journalism is exceptional.

You said you were open to suggestions of people we would like you to interview.

If you could do an interview with Thomas Sowell and or Coleman Hughes. (both of whom I admire very much) that would be great i’m not sure how accessible the great Thomas Sowell is however as he is quite old.

There are many others I would like to hear but those two are at the front.

I have read and listen to much of their ideas and content but you seem to have a magical knack for getting the right questions.


Jeff Hodgart (A fellow denizen of Toronto). :-)

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You can weigh in by hitting reply on this email.

Tara perhaps you could include your email so those of us who read in the app can message you

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