Please stop citing the NY times!

I am 74 so I will use the vernacular of the back then

" The ny times is such a piece of shit rag I would not wipe my ass with it."

Put the NY times out of business and the first step is stop referencing their articles.

Repeat stop referencing their articles.

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So, the message is clear: Some people seek solitude, some seek large families. There is no right and wrong here. What do you want? Well, first things first... what do you want? Don't look at TV, movies, web sites, magazines, or any place outside your own experience for the answer.

Next, as a young person, travel and live in a city, then a country setting. Work at many different jobs and have a lot of different friends. Old folks, young folks with kids... experience life.

At the time to start having a family, do so. Or don't. Your choice, don't just read about it from a NY Times essayist.

But don't lay your guilt trip on anybody else either. Don't write articles about the choice you made as if it is the only way to live, 'cause it ain't, cuz.

I thought the old hippie concept of doing your own thing was about the only worthwhile concept out of hippie times (all the other hippie ideas seem so destructive). Did we lose that true meaning of freedom? I rejected guilt trips a long time ago. But today, those rides on the worry train are all around us. No wonder kids are so uptight. They have to try to be perfect, modern quinoa eating... angels, yikes!

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"I, too, suspect that the essay was written for a tiny class of wealthy women, likely living in Brooklyn brownstones, who barely believe what they are saying themselves — but who’ve sleepwalked into a set of opinions that play well on Twitter."

The Chinese call them Baizuo.

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