"In her work, Manji argues that instead of fixating on achieving demographic diversity, we should cultivate diversity of viewpoint."

I am sorry, but I cannot help but responding "duh!"

The fact that this is an epiphany that justifies an entire book I think is the topic for another book.

It was back in the early 2000s working for a progressive-managed company where leadership was forced to take diversity training due to employee surveys with some indication that some employees felt that their careers were impacted by racial discrimination. That class was led by a gay passive aggressive consultant that inflamed me with every word. I stood up to him and challenged him intellectually on those words... making the exact point here that diversity, as it should be practiced in the workplace, should be about experience, views, ideas and perspectives of the individual workers, and nothing else.

It got heated at one point and he said "well, I don't trust that you or any other hiring manager would accurately assess the quality of candidates based on that criteria." I said "well, I absolutely know that assessing the quality of candidates based on their ethic, racial, gender or sexual orientation criteria would fail to provide business-beneficial diversity outcomes." I never forget his response... "It would provide social outcome benefits."

And there you have it... the socialism component to all of this. The campus-hatched maw and mob subjugating the private economy to serve a social-political agenda. Consultants making coin from it.

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It is difficult to practice diversity of thought with those who 'know' diversity of thought itself - like diverse outcomes - is supposedly evidence of racism, bigotry, bias, and prejudice... of the Other. All is lumped under the heading of 'hate'. This is today's malignant social progressive ideology in action and is the root assumption held by the thought police mob that then calls for censoring, censuring, firing, and vilifying those who dare enunciate diversity of thought in the name of equity, diversity, and inclusion. That's why the ideology only divides, tears down, and destroys... no doubt in the name of building 'safer' communities.

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Much of what is discussed could be summed up by Dr. Thomas Harris' presumption (and book) that "I'm OK and You're OK". Were that the "going in" mindset, all the gobbily-gook about "discrimination" and "racism" could be mitigated or eliminated.

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Once again, coercing people to accept an ideology that doesn't align with their social or moral values and a hold political stance, for fear of being socially ostracized can only end in rebellion.

All that has been achieved here is a kind of reverse equality in which the messaging is "whiteness is bad, whiteness is colonialism, whiteness should be removed, whiteness is privilege that dismiss's your struggle and effort" and "accept without question the social doctrine of the Neo culturally obsessed left, accommodate my entitled individualism however I present it" all the while watching media deepen their performative gesturing and faux social accountability towards diversity, shit man, all that has truly happened is a deepening of divides, coercion, and the monetization of diversity to feed the machine.

The truth is, racism and bigotry things that hurt people and this new tactic is making it all worse. Look up the ladder to those who are prospering in this chaotic environment, hold them accountable. Look to your left and to your right and see... people, like you, who have their own stories and try to be kind.

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It was only when I lost my hearing that I learned — truly learned — to listen. When hearing doesn't come easily, much less naturally, you catch on pretty quick. Diversity of thought has existed for eons and, by definition, misconception cannot withstand reality; so misconception must be constantly reinforced in the echo chambers of the stereotypes people create, reinforce, and, worst of all, proselytize. Unfortunately, DEI has become an amoralistic inversion of those misconceptions that foster the same stereotypes it claims to want to surmount. It's an old story —

“Satan means 'accuser,' but Lucifer was an angel of light—and that, I realized, is the Devil: the one who accuses you under the guise of it being for your own good.”

Excerpt From

Remember Who You Want To Be

Michael C. Haymes

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Two ears, one mouth...is the ratio for listening and speaking.

And Courage is an accurate word.

Thank you, once again.

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