“many left-wing culture warriors continue to treat legitimate scientific questions as tantamount to crank beliefs.”

Yes, but these are radical activists who telegraph opposition to real science and their methods replacing objective truth and facts with relative political power plays. We expect that from them.

It isn't THOSE people that deserve our ire or stronger response... it is our officials and professionals we have entrusted with a level of duty of care within their professional lane. For example, Anthony Fauci should be in prison for what he has done. So should several other officials in NHI and the CDC.

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Fauci should have been run out of government for what happened during the AIDS crisis.

My dad, a professor of pathology and laboratory science, never liked Fauci since those times.

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Thank you for compiling this in one place Tara. I wish I felt more vindicated and less...sad

Yes sure it’s the governments fault...but we can’t expect much but further lies out of our government now. Who’s fault is that?

It’s very important that independent press is growing. A breath of fresh air.

But our real focus needs to be on the population, ourselves, our neighbours, friends, the children, upholding critical thinking, civic debate, reducing siloing, cancel culture and mental health issues so people can find true community and ask difficult questions again.

It starts with the kids...

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The pandemic has high-lighted how critically important it is to a functioning democracy to have a robust, critical and independent media.

But policy failures and "majority opinion ignorance" are in no way isolated to the pandemic. For example, read Confessions of a Green Peace Dropout by Patrick Moore. It is a virtual chronical as to how 'consensus' on the desirability of terrible environmental policies can be manufactured by blind trust in certain organizations combined with doting, uncritical media.

If we truly strive to be progressive, we need to be employing better collective decision-making processes. I don't pretend to have all the answers but there has to be a better way than what we are doing.

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The failing here is clearly on the government(s). They have an obligation to do right things the right way. Not only did they never do the right things, but they worked hard to make sure that they did them in the wrong way. Of course a decent press would have and should have called them out on it. But it is the GOVERNMENT's fault -- not the fault of the press. We need to begin by punishing those who are actually responsible (including the government's co-opting the press...that should also be punishable and punished); then we can worry about the useful idiots like the government-zealous press.

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Now do climate change. For example do we actually have the minerals to go

EV and at what environmental cost. Would mitigation of climate change results be cheaper and/or more effective than what we are doing ?

Too many issues are their way or the doorway. I do not have answers but want the right to hear all sides of the debates. Thanks Tara, for your great work.

A happy subscriber.

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The person who perked my interest in this was Alina Chan and her notice of the furin cleavage site. On it went from there with not a peep from MSM. And as far as masks being low cost. On some level maybe, but the disposal of them in the creeks and ditches is appalling. I understand they are piled up outside my local hospital with waste bins at hand. Do you have to wear a hazmat suit to pick them up? The next question of course is why tamper and why leak? Accidental? I have a fully vaccinated and boosted dead husband. Plenty of folks talking about overpopulation, even sweet little Jane Goodall. Those mutilated teens won’t be having babies after their gender affirming care. Questions remain about the deaths in care homes. There is plenty to ponder. This should be an interesting read. I look forward to some answers and some answering for.

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Sorry for your loss Ennis.

My thought on why the government let Covid loose in the retirement and nursing homes. Here is how I connect the dots to arrive at a potential government organized plot. Western Governments have an unsustainable level of debt >governments want to stay in power so have to continue free spending and build up more debt > 50% plus of expenditures are social programs + healthcare (which the elderly use more of)> Reducing the number of elderly will reduce government expenditure and avoid bankrupting the country due to chronic budget deficits > the return to normal (higher) interest rates will only make sovereign bankruptcy occur faster so best to get rid of seniors sooner.

Keep in mind that the post war baby boomers started reaching retirement age (65) about 8 years ago and will continue to swell the seniors ranks until about 2035.

I agree with you that the governments keep pushing programs to off more people or stop babies. Covid, Euthanasia, Vaccine caused baby deformities (who wants to risk having a baby right now), Sudden vaccine induced deaths. Criminal gun violence in the US, etc, etc.

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I am hoping there is a way forward. I felt that something was amiss from the early stages and we just got deeper and deeper into it. My husband was not happy with me pursuing this but I now feel I have to do it for him.

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Mar 6, 2023·edited Mar 6, 2023

I often tell people how my wife and her best friend figured out the vaccine was no good back in the early spring of 2021. Their female intuition said something wasn't right and they put their heads together and researched on the internet and came to the conclusion that vaccine was more likely to kill than to help. I agreed with them. Out of our combined families we are the only 4 that didn't get the jab. On our side only one sudden death so far and lots of Covid cases amongst our families except the 4 of us.

My youngest son just got over covid and my eldest and his wife didn't look too good at Xmas time. I often tell people how a club member came up to me at an event last June and moaned that he had taken 3 covid vaccine shots and had had covid 3 times.

I replied I am unvaxed and have never had covid. I do think the vitamins and supplements helped. As noted elsewhere in Tara's column today I described how the Liberals hijacked the Main Stream Media in Canada which is where most people get their news unfortunately. All my best to you Ennis.

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Thanks for your response. Just to clarify, getting deeper into it, I meant the country. I reluctantly got the Moderna jab in March 2021. I had a horrid nose bleed about a month later and began documenting menstrual irregularities amongst my young friends and, like you, began noticing the friends who fell Ill despite the number of jabs. My obsession began in earnest. Admire your wife and her friend. There is safety in numbers, even though small. Take care. e

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There were many things done wrong in the early Covid months. But information was slight, the impacts deadly and widespread panic a probability. It is intemperate to judge those early actions by any standard measure.

What was inexcusable--and highlighted here--was the loss of trust when government, the professions and the media suppressed discussion and dissent. It will be interesting to observe if/where the trust rebuilds. The media continue to mislead but are having a "going out of business" sale--so will disappear. Government can more easily restore some credibility. The professions? The jury is out.

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Wonderful essay. Thank you!

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Please give credit where credit is due. Natalie Winters with National Pulse and War Room was the first to officially break the news about EcoHealth Alliance and Peter Daszek.

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I find that when someone does something unexpected for no obvious reason then I will often find the reason by following the money. So here it goes for your case. The mainsteam media has struggled for many years as the internet eroded sales of magazines, newspapers and even TV viewership. The federal government was not willing to bail them out. That all changed in 2018 when Trudeau called a meeting of thirty MSM companies to divvy up over half a billion dollars in subsidies. I believe this was to encourage positive reporting on liberals in the 2019 election. The liberals are the only party that will give subsidies to MSM. Poilievre and the Conservatives announced they would not provide subsidies and the NDP will never form a government. Conveniently Covid happened along at the end of 2019 so whatever spin the liberals wanted on Covid, the MSM were happy to oblige, for more subsidies. In the US the tool of persuasion for the pro vaccine movement was the huge money put into ads by the drug companies and the government. So there you have my solution to the question of why the MSM favour the liberals.

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On Wed, Mar 8, 2023 at 7:51 AM Harry Shulman <harry.shulman@gmail.com> wrote:

I would like to address your column on masks.

I am somewhat surprised that while many feel comfortable criticizing the media’s handling of masks during the early phases of Covid, you apparently support the current media’s support of the Cochrane’s report (more on that in a moment).

Too many people forget that when Covid was rampant, refrigerated morgue buses were lined up outside hospitals and ultimately, close to a million people died. The eventual relief came as a result of masking, vaccines and social distancing. If we had done nothing, many, many more people would have died.

The Cochrane report (and I’m generally supportive of their work), is misleading. The majority of cases involved influenza, not Covid (similar, but not the same)- and there was a striking lack of consistency among the patients reviewed with respect to how masks were applied, the population around them, etc). How often did you see people with poorly fitting, cheap masks, noses uncovered?

Perhaps more to the point, consider this:

When the next pandemic hits us (inevitable)- and it’s a new, highly contagious and occasionally or worse yet frequently, fatal disease -and importantly, a vaccine is not available, would you get on a bus or go to a wedding with the virus widespread throughout the community and NOT wear a mask - or socially distance?

Can we not agree that masks are a tool which help diminish spread- and not blindly accept a report which might be simplified for effect and in the end, may just be another opinion?

As much as I (usually) respect the Cochrane report, I think there’s a role for common sense. At the first report of a new, spreading and potentially dangerous virus, my well-fitted N95 mask goes on.

Republican legislatures are tying the hands of their state Public Health organizations before the next pandemic.

The argument is made more forcefully in the WP by Lauren Weber and Joel Achenbach.

“One day we’re going to have a really bad global crisis and a pandemic far worse than covid, and we’ll look to the government to protect us, but it’ll have its hands behind its back and a blindfold on,” said Lawrence Gostin, director of Georgetown University’s O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law. “We’ll die with our rights on — we want liberty but we don’t want protection.”

Harry Shulman

BTW, the same mistake is being made about the source of the virus being a lab leak. Weak conclusions based on scant evidence with admitted questionable probability. Another time.

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Ultimately, I think this line sums it up in regards to the intention of this substack and the media's suppressive reporting "Viewpoint diversity pits bias against bias, forces debate, demands discussion, calls for evidence, and fuels critical thinking." We simply aren't permitted freedom to debate opposing beliefs, anymore. We have been given the script for permissible language and discussion topics. And they defend this strategy as means to reduce harm. What kind of Orwellian, state sanctioned control is that? Its bad enough they've conflated Freedom of speech with hate mongering, how convenient, but now its about controlling the narrative to uphold public safety. Bullshit.

It's all just one big experiment, intentional or not. Imagine the intel being gathered on the social implications of a pandemic and lock down, social responses to media and mandates, health impacts not to mentional... gain of function modelling (but thats another worm hole).

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The lab leak theory was always a top contender for where Covid 19 came from. I apologize that I have not read Elaine's book however here goes my thoughts. First, there are probably some bright scientists out there who can look at the viruses genome to determine if it was man made or is natural.

Ii don't know why no one has come forward with that information. Prior to 2020 there was an illness outbreak in Wuhan at the international military games attended by around 10,000 athletes and support staff. They city had already been shut down when the athletes arrived, ostensibly to make it easier for the visitors to get around in the city of 15,000,000. Covid 19 had not been sequenced at that point and many military personnel who fell ill were told not to talk about the illness when they returned home. Shortly thereafter there was the official Covid start date and the virus was sequenced in following January. There were rumours that US troops may have brought the virus with them as many US atheletes were at a base with a biolab before their departure. It is also well known that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was working on Fauci's disease (gain of function). So did it come from the Wet Market, US troops, Chinese lab, the best answer lies in what a virologist can determine from the earliest strains of the virus which Pfizer kept copies of.

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