Ahh…The Benevolent Progressive State, arbiter of all that is good and right, has fumbled another one. What a surprise! I wonder what this will cost over and above Google’s limited donation.

It would be a pleasant end that people will wake up to the idea that unaccountable and generous partnerships with the government are not the best way forward. They ALWAYS make a mess of things, especially with the expensive addition of more bureaucrats to “oversee” the new policy. but are really skimming off the top of the well of borrowed money.

When Pierre takes over, he is going to have quite a mess to clean up with every move that tries to adjust down the number of the bloated underlings sucking at the public teat and the amount of money cascading into the bottomless pit will be denounced as the most evil thing EVER by the Media.

(heavy sigh)

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I wish (the despicable) Google had imitated the Godfather: My offer is….. nothing.

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60% of that 100 million will be eaten up in "administration" of the handout.

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