"They believe that anyone who disagrees with them deserves a public shaming and a general deprivation of their titles, possibly their job, any honours that they’ve had. The elect is not the left; the elect is not the hard left. The elect is the hard left who are mean."

I don't agree with this completely, although I do agree that the hard left are the meanest. I think the term "crybully" was coined at some point.

However, I live among left coast baby boomer liberal progressives. And they are mean too. Very mean.

My family comes from Trump country and I explain it like this.

The Midwest conservative neighbor will tell the purple-haired liberal activist lesbian that moved in next door that he does not like or support her lifestyle or politics, but if she gets sick, he will clear the snow from her driveway and his wife will bring her soup.

The liberal elite left coast neighbor will tell the white male conservative working class neighbor how tolerant she is of everyone and respects all political views, but if the neighbor gets sick, she will tell her liberal elite friends she hopes he dies.

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I would add Batya Ungar-Sargon to the list. She's written about how, in the US, working class people can't afford the internships and years of low pay that have become mandatory to break into journalism. As a result, by default the only Americans who can ride out the early days of a journalism career, where you're expected to live in Manhattan on a $30k/year salary, are old-money kids with trust funds and Ivy League degrees.

These trust-fund journalists are not very good at "speaking truth to power", because they travel in the same social circles as the rich and powerful, and they don't want to piss off their golf buddies. What they ARE good at is condemning the moral crudity of the great unwoke masses who never studied intersectional gender theory at Harvard.

That combination of elitism and cronyism is what's killing American media, and unfortunately Canadian universities and media are doing everything they can to replicate that trend north of 49.

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Thank you, Tara! I look forward to reading all of this and to next week’s items, especially the Q&A on vaccine mandates. Finally! Having purposely cut all ties with the mainstream media, who do not represent my views or voice in any way, I am so grateful for the fair-minded and thoughtful content you and your guests are offering.

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Thank you

I have been looking for Canadians willing to be honest for a long time.

This has been a long time coming. I remember 25 years ago watching University Educated Middle class people lecturing construction workers on why they should be voting NDP, and thinking of course they vote conservative. The Conservatives at least spoke their language

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"Who's keeping the lights on where you live?" asked no journalist, ever.


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