Thank you for spelling it out. One should develop a conscience and be responsible only to it. Apologizing out of fear of consequences reminds me of Benjanim Franklin "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." (nor will they get it). Living in Communism my first 20 years I ended up realizing that the self-censorship was worse than censorship imposed by Communists. With rules changing on what one can say or not say people end up keeping their mouth shut and bending in front of woke bullies. That is why I keep on saying out loud the common sense things and I do not bend in front of people sensibilities - people get courage to speak their mind if they hear somebody else doing it.

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You speak because you have "no choice". For me that is truth, and the best reason to speak. You have no choice because something in the core of your being says this is what is moral, ethical, right, and true.

Tribe is a worrying concept. Tribe, means that you conform to the group at the time when the group most needs you to speak. Often, one voice speaking for deep moral truths resonates and people respond because they are uneasy with out knowing why.

The worst offenders are those who seek to be on the "right side of history" because they are not speaking from a place of deep moral, ethical conviction but rather a desire to gain status at the expense of others.

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Great listen. Fwiw I think there’s an inverse relationship between one’s ability to articulate their own position and the emotional charge used to express a view. If I can better articulate then I can more easily defend or challenge and I don’t need the anger/ rage to make my point.

The ideologically driven activists on the ‘new Left’ and reactionaries tend to be highly emotional and confrontational. JK Rowling comes to mind as the apex example with Jedi-like ability to slay her enemies using words alone. That’s not to say we all aspire to be from the Ivory tower class using $10 words to impose our ego on others (postmodern Critical Theory academics are most of the reason we have this provocation on society in the first place) or that a mob intent on deploying a struggle session will even take notice, but it helps I believe.

Since Peter Boghossian was mentioned, a resource I have found helpful is ‘Counter Wokecraft’ by Charles Pincourt & James Lindsay. Useful advice in there on how to stand against the mob. Lindsay was a co-author with Boghossian on those satirical papers.

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One question that was not covered is why these bullies think they are doing right when it is clear they are not. Why do people assume they have this power? Why do they think they can disrupt another’s life in such great measure?

I have a couple of ideas. One may be they are actually on the right side of history and, with the end justifying the means, they are pushing us into Nirvana. It may be they are not that deep in their thinking and they have acquiesced to this offensive action by another bully who stays out of the public eye out of cowardice. Or, finally, it could be they just like the sense of power as an end in itself.

I am not of the crowd who believes the end justifies the means … EVER! So, that leaves us in a circumstance where we must oppose them. That will take a lot of courage, a commodity of which we have little store in the storehouse it seems.

If only they would understand that, if they have control over the public megaphone, the law, and the narrative, they are not the oppressed. They are the oppressors.

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Never, Never, Never... give credibility by agreeing to respectful debate of the absurd. Call it out as what it is, and attack the person spewing it as lacking anything worth of brain power in respond.

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Eve from the old narrative has no defense against the scandalization of her name (evil). Do we defend ourselves against the gender terrorism we get from birth? Do we rise above the frey? Do we go underground? Do we choose to ignore?

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@tara not only are your interviews unique and fascinating the comments are getting better and better!

Look up Africa Brooke she just wrote a book called The Third Perspective - Brave expression in the Age of Intolerance.

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Today a new absurdity from the radical hive is that retailers leaving high crime areas in Democrat-run cities are guilty of racism. The natural reaction is to argue why this isn’t the case, but those that spew this absurd nonsense do not really care that what they are spewing in nonsense, but what they would fear the most is being made to look like the fools they are.

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