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“Powerful” is overused.

This interview is powerful.

Just. Wow.

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"The Income Tax Act was amended by parliament in 2019 to grant a payroll rebate to certain newspapers like the Globe. The rebate was up to $13,750 for each newsroom employee coming under a bailout of $595 million. Last year, the Globe also received a sole-sourced contract worth $2,005,847 from the Department of Public Works for news clipping."

“By contrast, the Ontario government has spent nearly $1.5 million with the Globe & Mail in the last two months on its health awareness campaign, and that was a deal done within twenty-four hours and implemented immediately,"

“The whole issue with media, simply put, there’s been about 250 local newspapers that have closed in the last ten years,”

“For me, I sign a bill every week for about a million dollars for printing,” said Crawley. “If the government was to step in and say, ‘We’re going to help with your printing costs’, every newspaper in the country could benefit.”


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That was an interesting and touching interview, Tara. Good to learn about such a significant figure in the history of Canadian journalism. Such pathos in his downfall, it hurts the heart.

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Tara: I am not certain how to contact you but I just wanted to find a way to ask you to consider a future post: Can you consider putting together a future post of other Substack authors that you personally enjoy and maybe a post on why you like them? I love Substack but I would love it even more if I could find other, similar content and information. Your channel is one of my favorites but I just find it hard to find more. I just find Substack such a great way to find information and I have a feeling there is TONS out there that I do not even know about...


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Having lived 30 years as a working daily newspaper reporter and later as a teacher of journalism through much of the history recounted here -- and seen it from a wide variety of relevant angles -- I find this interview and the story it explores moving and illuminating in ways that I have not seen captured before. Especially in light of the shamefully propagandistic performance of Western corporate media we are seeing in the current war in Ukraine, it underlines for me how much as been lost over the past half century. Thank you for a timely and important story that needs to be learned and understood now more than ever.

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