During the pandemic we saw teacher’s unions and health care unions in Canada completely fold to different pressures. Teachers were able to mask kids and keep them out of school far longer than necessary and health care workers unions sold out to the vaccine mandates and would not protect workers who chose bodily autonomy and therefore were put on unpaid leaves.

There is a lot of distrust of unions because they are very ideological and bow to the pressures that are presently running society.

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The woke left has picked up a no-work or less work meme in their arsenal of absurdity. Personally, I am honoring that when I interview people for a job. I ask certain questions that identify them as being infected with the toxic mind virus of wokeism and take a pass.

People that think there is a good life ahead for them as a non-working person entitled to some universal basic income and other benefits... they are ignorant of their own human needs of accomplishment and self-actualization. If they think they are depressed today with a job they feel does not provide enough meaning and/or pays too little... just wait until they have nothing productive to do and someone else is paying their way.

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I was taught by my mom to get a marketable skill so I went to nursing school and supported myself. Don't blame capitalism for bad education choices. It's the best economic system we can have.

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2 Russian literature degrees. Oh Christ, what a stupid lazy bastard. Should have learned a trade. How many loans did the parents take out on that house and spent on lifestyle before it was foreclosed upon.

This isn't a story of a working class guy. This is a story about a lazy whining jackoff that expected to be taken care of by the state. Cry me a river.

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On the off-chance that Maximillian reads this, I would first say to him, thank you for doing the work of talking to working people.

It seems that Maximillian Alvarez is, at least in terms of the positions stated in this interview, a run-of-the-mill university socialist. On LinkedIn He lists his interest as:

- 20th-Century Mexican Political History & Literature

- Radicalism; Leftist Politics and Political Theory

- Transnational Histories of the Left

- Radical/Alternative Media

- Media Theory

- Critical Theory

- Marxist Theory & Intellectual History

- Cultural & Social History

- History of Media & Communications

- 20th Century U.S. History in U.S. Foreign Policy

- Soviet History

- 19th- & 20th-Century Russian Literature

I didn't really hear any that I would not expect a PhD student with those interest to say. He does not elaborate on how the current power structure should be changed. If his proposed solution is not Marxism, I would have expected him to say so. Basically, I got the sense that his thinking was 150 years old. If he has learned anything from the working class that is not taught in universities courses, it would be great to hear what it is.

If my understanding is wrong, you might want to consider, in future talks, leading with something that would prevent listeners such as myself from coming to the conclusion that what you are proposing is standard PMC approaches.

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Another great discussion that is very thoughtful about many of the issues I have with the way we've responded to problems of the current moment.

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I really enjoyed this podcast, thanks Tara. I think it’s one of your best. Alvarez was an interesting guest - a compelling and authentic storyteller with an obvious heart. I would love to read these people’s stories. Wow, the story of a gravedigger during Covid! I agree with his analysis near the end of how society is now being ruled by a “few technocratic elites” - that seems plain to see now for people who are able to lift the veil of the capitalistic stupor. The fact that U.S. society is more productive than ever, yet workers are seeing less and less for the fruits of their labour is capitalism in a nutshell - the exploitation of many for the aggrandizement of a few. But the main thing I got from this interview was the sense of decency, goodness, humility, and humanity in the way Alvarez described his family and their struggles and the way he is giving ordinary working people a platform to tell their stories, to be validated in their experiences.

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it is called discipline live within your means , save , be smart , i never made big $$$ but i saved put 2 kids through school have a house 4 cars . t ain't easy , then again what is ? people have to stop crying get off their asses and get to work n matter what the job. i was known as do anything for a buck , no job was beneath me , dig ditches clean windows . anything that needed to be done i did it

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