Sitemap - 2023 - Lean Out with Tara Henley

How to Survive 2024

Merry Christmas from Lean Out

Weekend reads: The future of news

Transcript: Monica Harris

Overcoming the Illusion of Division

Weekend reads: Think local

Transcript: Joe Nocera

How the Pandemic Broke America

Weekend reads: Breaking the news

Transcript: Paul Kix

Have Progressives Stopped Supporting Interracial Marriage?

Weekend reads: Back to the future

Weekend reads: Peter Menzies on the government's surrender to Google

Dear Reader

Transcript: George Packer

George Packer on Activism and Bad Art

Weekend reads: The perils of 'presentism'

Transcript: Rosie Kay

Have the Arts Created a Culture of Fear?

Weekend reads: 'The messy stories of our humanity'

Transcript: Nadine Strossen

Navigating a perilous moment

Weekend reads: Rebels with a cause

Transcript: Harrison Lowman

Breaking Down The Munk Debate: Is Liberalism Failing Us?

Weekend reads: Hell in a hand basket

Transcript: Joanna Baron

Did Covid-19 Erode Our Civil Liberties Forever?

Weekend reads: On defending free speech 'particularly when it's unpopular'

Transcript: Greg Lukianoff

Is Cancel Culture Killing Free Speech?

Weekend reads: Trust is a two-way street

Transcript: Benjamin Perrin

Does Canada’s Justice System Need to be Dismantled?

Weekend reads: The left's wake-up call

Transcript: Eric Kaufmann

Cancelled: A Canadian Professor’s War on 'Woke'

Weekend reads: Do not comply

Transcript: Meghan Daum

Meghan Daum: It's Up to Women to Stop Cancel Culture

Weekend reads: Gen Z and the gender divide

Transcript: Michael Forsythe

Has McKinsey made the world worse?

Weekend reads: The sexual revolution didn't fail - the mainstream media has

Transcript: Katie Herzog

Can we have a reasonable conversation about trans issues?

Weekend reads: On humility

Transcript: Yascha Mounk

The Identity Trap

Weekend reads: Chuck your privilege

Transcript: Rudyard Griffiths

'I worry that the dike is going to burst - and we're woefully unprepared'

Transcript: Freddie deBoer

How Elites Ate the Social Justice Movement

Weekend reads: Life in lockdown

Transcript: Daniel Ortner

'We're against the state mandating viewpoints'

Weekend reads: Homesick for other worlds

Transcript: Rupa Subramanya

The death of a Toronto school principal

Transcript: Sue Gardner

'Centre the interests and needs of the public'

Weekend reads: Art for art's sake

Transcript: Sohrab Ahmari

Tyranny, Inc.

Weekend reads: The rage against the machine

Transcript: Brendan O'Neill

A Heretic's Manifesto

Weekend Reads: The collapse of the Canadian media, part four

Canada's news desert

Transcript: Olivia Reingold

'Home Is Where the Revolution Is'

Weekend reads: The collapse of Canadian media, part three

Transcript: Winkfield Twyman Jr. and Jennifer Richmond

'Diversity' drop-outs

Weekend reads: The Postmedia Effect

Transcript: Peter Menzies

The collapse of Canadian media, part 2

Weekend reads: In defence of masculinity

Transcript: Jen Gerson

The collapse of Canadian media

Weekend reads: On the aim of 'unlearning race'

Transcript: Stephen J. Shaw

A Childless World

Weekend reads: Letters to a young journalist

Transcript: Plebity panel on identity politics

Free Speech and the Left

Weekend reads: 'Defend or defund?'

Transcript: Conor Friedersdorf

'The DEI Industry Needs to Check Its Privilege'

Weekend reads: On transformation

Transcript: Michael Lind

Hell to Pay

Weekend reads: Letters in Black and White

Transcript: Azim Shariff

On Politicization and Trust

Weekend reads: Poverty Safari

Transcript: Brendan Case

'An epidemic of loneliness and isolation'

Weekend reads: Mother's Day edition

The week that was

Transcript: Erika Bachiochi

Rethinking Feminism

Weekend reads: A remembrance of things past

On the media

Transcript: Hadley Freeman

Good Girls

Weekend reads: Shelter in the storm

Transcript: Jean Twenge


Weekend reads: Back to the Land

Transcript: Andrea Mrozek

'As much pain as progress'

Weekend reads: Lost In Canada

Transcript: Mary Harrington

Feminism Against Progress

Weekend reads: Bad Politics

Transcript: Anna Louie Sussman

'A crisis of heterosexuality'

Weekend reads: On finding our way back home

Transcript: Wilfred Reilly

'Most people don't believe the more extreme woke stuff'

'Left Is Not Woke'

Weekend reads: A good day for public dialogue

Transcript: Alex Morey

'An existential threat to universities'

Weekend reads: Newsroom Confidential

Transcript: Steve Krakauer


Weekend reads: The week the world broke

Transcript: Julian Somers

'I thought we had more of an open forum for discussion'

Weekend reads: On following the science

Transcript: Paul Wells

An Emergency in Ottawa

Weekend reads: On the road (to somewhere)

Weekend reads: On writing and failure

Transcript: Mary Eberstadt

Primal Screams

Weekend reads: Big Journalism's big mistake

Transcript: Mark Woolhouse

The Year the World Went Mad

Weekend reads: Terminally online

Transcript: Andrew Doyle

The New Puritans

Weekend reads: The fast lane through life

The miseducation of Jacinda Ardern

Transcript: Winston Marshall

'If you have the wrong opinions, it will cost you'

Weekend reads: Diversity without division

Transcript: Hakeem Oluseyi

'As scientists, we have strong criteria for what we accept is true'

Weekend reads: Nervous breakdown

Transcript: Rupa Subramanya

'Journalists are not supposed to be liked'

Weekend reads: The wandering mind

Transcript: Batya Ungar-Sargon

'You feel the desperation of people who are understanding their own irrelevance'

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