Sitemap - 2022 - Lean Out with Tara Henley

Transcript: Meghan Daum

'There’s a lot of people just trying to hold on to their jobs'

Merry Christmas from Lean Out

Weekend reads: The joy of discovery

Transcript: Holly Doan

'Journalists have forgotten who their readers are'

Transcript: Bridget Phetasy

'Politically homeless'

Weekend reads: Requiem for a dream

Transcript: Freddie deBoer

Transcript: Leighton Woodhouse

'The whole media crawled into a very narrow hole - and is still there'

'They see their role as fighting for social justice'

Weekend reads: 'We don't deserve to be trusted'

Transcript: Paul Berton


Weekend reads: The madness of modern life

Transcript: Nicholas Eberstadt

Men Without Work

Weekend reads: On the road

Transcript: Richard V. Reeves

Of Boys and Men

Weekend reads: Comedians against comedy

Transcript: Deborah Appleman

Literature and the New Culture Wars

Weekend reads: Great escape edition

Transcript: Jennifer Sey

'The woke mob took my job but gave me my voice'

Weekend reads: The great unravelling

The trouble with "woke"

Transcript: Anya Kamenetz

The Stolen Year

Weekend reads: Be bold

When 'you think you're right even if you're wrong'

Transcript: Steve Paikin

Portrait of a Prime Minister

Weekend reads: Inquiry's opening shots

Transcript: Phoebe Maltz Bovy

So much for #MeToo

Transcript: James Kirchick

Secret City

Weekend reads: Come together

Gossip Girls

Transcript: Noah Rothman

The Rise of the New Puritans

Weekend reads: On collapse

Transcript: Joanna Williams

How Woke Won

Weekend reads: Vibe shift

Transcript: David Greenberg

The War on Objectivity in American Journalism

The Crown

Weekend reads: On objectivity

Transcript: Shamik Dasgupta

School in the time of Covid

Transcript: Ian Rowe


Weekend reads: On civility

Transcript: Konstantin Kisin

An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West

New York state of mind

Ghosts of War

Weekend reads: freedom of expression

Transcript: Malcom Kyeyune

The New Workers' Movement

Transcript: Jamil Jivani and Samuel Sey

On Critical Race Theory

Weekend reads: Everyone is an activist

Transcript: Rupa Subramanya

'Court Documents Reveal Canada's Travel Ban Had No Scientific Basis'

Transcript: William Deresiewicz

The End of Solitude

Transcript: Amna Khalid and Jeff Snyder

Weekend reads: Censorious Times

'Cancel Culture: It's real and on the rise'

Transcript: Louise Perry

The Case Against the Sexual Revolution

Weekend reads

Transcript: Amanda Ripley

'I stopped reading the news'

Transcript: Jonathan Rauch

The Constitution of Knowledge

Transcript: Nadine Strossen

Weekend reads

'Who Really Benefits From the First Amendment?'

'The freedom of expression wake up call'

Weekend reads

'Sensitivity Readers Are the New Literary Gatekeepers'

The Right

Weekend reads


'What the Right Doesn't Get About the Labor Left'

Weekend reads

Weekend reads

Racist donuts and culturally-appropriated soup

The consequences of vaccine mandates

Weekend reads

'The Cancelling of the American Mind'

'Make it make sense'

The Work of Living

Weekend reads

What Do Men Want?

Weekend reads

Freedom of Thought

Guilt by association

Weekend reads

The Problem With Everything

Weekend reads

Nothing Left to Lose

Weekend reads

A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle

Rethinking Sex

Weekend reads

Saga Boy

Meet the press

'We distance ourselves from economic distress, as if it's contagious'

Luxury Beliefs

All things Elon

Weekend reads

Love Lockdown

Weekend reads


Weekend reads

Letters to the Sons of Society

News that's fit to print

Weekend reads

Canceling Comedians While the World Burns

On identitarian moralism

‘We're living in an age of permanent uncertainty’

The Black Boom

Weekend reads

On Decline

'There’s a problem there - and the responsibility of the mainstream is not to dismiss that'

Weekend reads

On dialogue

The Class

I Never Thought of It That Way

Have your say

‘There’s an enormous amount of anger out there’

The Expendables

‘A layer cake of constitutional violations’

'We didn’t see enough honest, critical and nuanced discussion'

‘Get insanely curious when no one else is curious’

Virtue Hoarders

'Bypassing the democratic process'

Weekend reads

‘It warps everything’

The history of free speech

Who gets to speak?

Light Up the Night

Diversity of thought

Weekend reads

Stolen focus

Are vaccine mandates reasonable?

Weekend reads

On the origin of the pandemic

How did we get here?

In defence of humanism

The politics of identity

Free Speech

The crux of it all

What is "woke"?

Bad News

Speaking Freely